gear up your ride

Get one step closer to completing your ride with Jawa accessories.
The Guardian Halo
A classic grab rail that envelopes the saddle with grace & subtlety

Chrome custodians
Chrome crash guards, the keepers of calm in riding land

The Hammerhead Spoiler
The matte seat spoiler: born breezy, fluid and ready to take on the skies
Byob - build your own base
The Hammerhead is a pre-requisite, to install the accessories below
Mute matte keepers
Matte black crash guards with a mute finesse

Beyond the realms
Bar end mirrors that seek light at the end of the universe

Dark Pedestal
The center stand for that zen like stability

the jawa rig

the jawa rig

Gear up your next ride in style, with our handpicked ride wear.
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